nice to meet ya.

hi. my name is alexia stroud. i’m 28, living the dream in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. i moved to Wisconsin in March of 2018 with my husband (and kitten) just weeks after we were married.

my favorite thing to do is explore this beautiful world we live in. travel has been a huge part of my life for the past six years, not only for fun, but for business now as well. i love to submerge myself in the culture of a city. i love to experience the breathtaking views of nature, and the wonder of how it was created.

when i’m home relaxation is key. when i am stressed i love to cook/bake/create new masterpieces in the kitchen. cooking has been my passion ever since i can remember. my mom will tell you a story of how i was breading chicken at two years old. CHOPPED is a game i play by myself at home often.

my main goal in life is to live it to the fullest. i want it all and am willing to work for it. my wish is to inspire others to follow their dreams and work for their goals. with a plan, passion, and positivity anything is possible.

i believe in the law of attraction. i believe in expressing gratitude, tolerance, and honesty. i want to build up others, help them create confidence, independence, and authenticity within themselves.

that is the dream.