home is wherever i’m with you.

march 2018 i picked up my life and moved to Milwaukee. this was so new to me. i’ve never lived further than twenty minutes from where i grew up. i never went away to college. this was my big change, the leap i needed take in order to grow.

when we moved, we wanted to make sure the space we were living truly felt like home. i wanted a space that felt mature, but fun. i wanted it to feel modern and chic, but comfortable. most importantly i wanted it to scream Brandon and i.

my favorite part of my house is my living room/ gallery wall. (this also doubles as my ‘office’) this wall is a physical representation of who we are as a couple as well as individuals. most of the art on our walls we have collected from our travels together.

WAR IS OVER poster- Etsy
GYP C license plate- this was actually my grandmas
wooden mask- Cancun
sun dial- Italy
ceramic heart- Italy
wedding photo on wood – Walgreens
love neon- Amazon
CLE Scene Magazine Award – Lexi Ingwer Best Stylist 2017
cross stitch – Chels made
ceramic plate- Spain
moon sketch- i think B got this from the mall in high school
tamborine- b brought this home for me for my inner Stevie
theatre sketch- b had a European artist gift him this sketch
butterflies- Peru
Mayan calendar- Mexico
Venetian cat- Venice, Italy

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