be concious

Everyday we are given a chance to create the mood, day, life we want. So many factors will set the tone for how that day begins.

1️⃣How are we speaking to ourselves?

We all have an internal monologue, but is she our friend? I try to feed myself positivity as often as possible— if we can’t believe in ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to?

2️⃣How are we speaking to others?

Negativity, gossip, frustration will all continue to bring you down. I can definitely be guilty of this, but am consciously trying my best to share positivity as often as possible.

3️⃣What are we wearing?

My favorite outfit in the world is yoga pants and a hoodie. Comfort Level 10 : Confidence Level 3.

When I take the time to do my hair, makeup, try out a new outfit, shoot – not wear my flops or tennies I feel more confident. I feel better about myself. I believe in myself a little more.

4️⃣Who are we letting in?

Spouse, friendships, the internet – who is getting in our head? Every conversation, post, text we experience is influencing our thoughts and perception of our day and life. They say that you become like the 5 people you spend the most time around. Who is your five and are they creating positivity, growth, and happiness around you?

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