every year for brandons birthday, i plan a surprise. planning is my favorite thing to do – ever. i also love giving, i love being the giver of surprises and giver of love. November 2018 i planned the best birthday trip extravaganza. B’s favorite aesthetic is the woods, a campy environment, but this dude had never been to colorado. i found an adorable tiny house up in the rocky mountains. airbnb is my favorite site ever. i came across this rustic artist cabin (check it out here.) Deborah the host was so freaking accomadating, she loved the idea of the birthday surprise, her and her daugher AJ ensured that we had all the supplies needed and even prepped some extra special surprises for us as well.

when we arrived to the cabin we were welcomed by this awesome chalk sign wishing brandon a happy birthday. Deborah and AJ had started a fire for us complete with marshmallows, red wine,  and spinach and artichoke dip. it was such a warm welcome. after spending some times around the fire, we began our hike to our tiny house. we were UP  in the mountains. we were warned about all the wildlife that surrounded our small walls of protection. lions, tigers, bears, SASQUATCH… oh my. our tiny house was so adorable. exactly the experience i was dreaming of. all except one thing… this tiny house did not have running water. when i was booking it, i thought ‘no biggie, its camping.’ let me tell you… you cross a line in your marriage being in one room, with no. running. water. the toilet situation was an experience. picture a toilet seat with a garbage bag full of kitty litter. i suppose this is a more glamorous side of ‘glamping,’ but geez i wasn’t ready for this. 

all our food was cooked on our gas stove top outside. i really got to whip out my chopped champion cooking skills. we sipped on beer and truly enjoyed each others company. living in essentially a tiny apartment in milwaukee, who thought we needed more isolation together. it was so nice to disconnect and be off the grid with just the two of us. with every trip we take, we try to experience as much as possible. this was different. we literally were forced (we got snowed in) to take a step back and relax. if you know either of us, you know how we are always on the go. we just got to talk, and truly enjoy each others company. we laughed, we reflected, we made a snowman. this was the trip we needed. to rejuvenate our minds, relationship, and souls.

wanna check out a video of this adventure? Click here.


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