First Anniversary

Start writing or type / to choose a blockone whole year. 365 years of officially official marriage to this man. so many times when people talk about their relationships or marriage they always say some form of ‘we’ve had ups and downs.’ yes, i get it. life has ups and downs. this is living. during these ‘ups and downs’ i am so grateful that i have brandon stroud by my side for all of these moments. do we annoy each other? of course. its to the point where we can’t stop laughing. this past year has been such an experience, in more ways then i think we could even imagine. not only starting a new life of marriage, but so many new changes we both have embraced as gracefully as possible. if i can think of one word to describe this last year of marriage, grateful is the only thing that comes to mind. in the past 365 days we have learned and loved. we began our journey with a two week dream of a honeymoon in Italia. wow. it was everything i could have ever wished for and more. following that magical Italian vacation, we said goodbye to our loved ones, packed up our lives and moved 461 miles away to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. we both started new careers, navigating new waters of goals, and friendships, and direction. all while living in our 737 square foot apartment in the middle of this city so foreign to us. fast forward one year to March 10th, 2019. We had a cozy day date inside our tiny home. B made a snuggle fort in the center of our living room/ kitchen combo. we ate crab legs and arancini. we watched our wedding videos projected on the side of our kitchen island. we ate our year old cake that still was so good. here is to so many more of these wonderful years with this guy by my side.

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