homemade ornaments

Happiness is homemade.

Planning a holiday get together for my Wisconsin fam and wanted to really give it a “homey” touch. All of us are transplants, so spending the holidays some nostalgia inspired touches can make all the difference.

I have been making a lot of items from scratch lately. Especially cause it’s cold out, gets dark earlier, and you can only watch so much Disney+. I am planning an ornament exchange for our party and wanted to gift something from the heart. I love the look of the dehydrated oranges, so that was my first adventure. The next was traditional salt dough. Peep my baby kittens paw. I found the best way to cut the string hole (is that what it’s called!?) is to use a straw.

I ended up coating both with Modge Podge to give them more durability and shine.

I bought this awesome customized cookie stamp from Etsy Shop ScissorMill.

🧂Salt dough ornaments:

1c. Flour

1c. Salt

1/2c. Water

Mix, cut, and create.

Air dry for days or bake at 200*F for 3 hours.

🍊Dehydrated Orange Ornaments:

Slice oranges 1/8”

Lay on wax paper on cookie sheet.

Bake at 200*F for 5 hours flipping every hour.

Coat with Modge Podge and let dry.


#lifeoflex #ornaments #homemade


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