Officially late twenties. I can’t believe it took me until now to except it. It is strange for me as I remember planning my moms 29th birthday – like I made the invitations, arranged it all. I was 8. My mom had her third child at the age of 29. This is something that makes me unsettled of my life as it currently is. I wanted to reflect on everything I’d like to accomplish at this age for myself. As I embark on this last year of youth, I have so many goals and aspirations to fulfill. A lot of them is to embrace this moment of time I’m in with full force. I want to prepare my life to enter my thirties with confidence and grace.

1. pay all debt

My goal by the end of 2020 is to have any and all credit cards, loans etc paid in full. To begin my thirties with no debt and a savings seems to be the most productive way to begin a new chapter.

2. buy my dream car

I’m not 100% sure what that is a the moment. What I do know is it’s a full size SUV with automatic start, 4WD, heated seats, and a moon roof. My frugal heart says Honda Pilot, but my dream, an Infiniti. Who knows what the future holds.

3. go to 30 states (i’ve been to 27)

Currently I have Louisiana and Alabama on 2020 plan. Now just for one more new destination… where to?

4. make a difference

What does this entail? I have not figured this one out. I want to do something, that’s makes a positive impact on life, the environment, society… something.

5. grow my blog

This has been a goal of mine for years now. Just in the past year has it been something that is officially up and running. I want to use this as a resource for women who don’t want to feel so isolated, but also as a *** for myself to look back on.

6. excel in my career

This year I am embarking on my second year with my organization. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love every single day. I feel like I am in a great place and have a good understanding of my position. I am interested in continual growth.

7. read 30 books this year

To be frankly honest, I have not truly read a book in a long time. I have my top 3 that I read over and over again, but I need new knowledge and experiences. I want to read books, smell the pages, stare at something that is not backlit with blue light. If you have any recommendations, send them my way.

8. 30 random acts of kindness

I want to embrace all of the ‘Pay it Forward’ moments I can find. My plan is to document all of these as a way to hold myself accountable.

9. camp in the desert

Bring on all of the Instagram worthy camping vibes in the desert. I am excited to fulfill this in April when I head to the Arches Easter weekend.

10. learn the violin

When I was a child I played the violin. Your typical “Jingle Bells” and “My Heart Will Go On,” but I really want to bring this back into something that I can learn and have a skill. I bought the violin, so I’m halfway there.

11. make macarons

Baking is one of my most favorite things to do. It is something I have loved to do my entire life. It helps me feel calm and centered. Macarons is a cookie that has always intimidated me. This year I want to tackle this treat and make it perfect.

12. start school

I truly believe that education is the most valuable thing you can have. I have to admit that sometimes I occasionally feel insecure for not having an education. I would love to begin taking a class or two. I think beginning is the hardest step.

13. grow veggies

To be real I have whatever the opposite of a green thumb is. I’ve tried many a times to keep plants, even cacti alive. No luck. I want to grow real live vegetation from seeds and use it in recipes to nourish my body.

14. love my body

Speaking of my body. I feel this is the year I learn to accept my body for what it is. I still want to strive for health, but to recognize that maybe I just am untraditional and I should embrace it.

15. take a beach vacation

Every vacation I take I have a wild non-stop itinerary. When I’m traveling someplace new I try to explore as much as I can so I don’t miss out on anything. Just once I would love a trip were I can just veg out, lay in paradise soaking up the sun.

16. bloom BLOOM

My husband surprised me with an early Christmas present – a push to take the plunge into my most lofty goal. I am overly excited to bring to you: BLOOM. A personal development workshop delivered by yours truly. Since 2012 this has been a dream of mine. A platform to motivate and inspire women to become the best versions of themselves. I am so passionate about women supporting women, continual growth and independence. I believe so much in this message I want to continue to spread this program to woman throughout this year.

17. host a boozy brunch

Brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day. Fresh fruit, sweet waffles + savory meats top that off with bottomless champagne? The older I get, the more I’d rather drink in the sunlight, on a patio surrounded by friends that just want to laugh.

18. learn to crochet

Is this a dying skill? To manually take yarn and create something warm and snuggly? Some of my favorite Afghans are warm and created with by my great grandmothers. There is nothing quite as cozy. I think I will start with a scarf and work my way up to blankets and sweaters.

19. promote my podcast

A podcast is an adventure I have wanted to explore for years now. After having an opportunity with BLOOM I really found my voice and what I want to say to the world. My number one goal is to speak to women and motivate them to be selfish and independent and know they can have any opportunity out there. Some people need a little motivation and need to know anything is possible. I want to be that little voice that lets them know it is.

20. spa day

You know those kind you see in the movies? Where the entire day revolves around massages and finger sandwiches with your girlfriends. Where you hang out in robes and slippers and drink mimosas with fruit. This will happen this year. It has to.

21. scrapbook new adventures

Scrapbooking is always something I wanted to be good at, but never followed through with. I have spent plenty of money on the stickers and paper and scissors, yet never actually take the time to put it together. This next year needs to be documented on more than the internet.

22. perfect a cocktail

I want to be one of those people who have booze always available in a beautiful carafe with all of the fixings for a delicious adult beverage. Currently residing in Wisconsin maybe I should make a great Old Fashion? Whiskey. Sour.

23. volunteer/ give back

I feel like I say this every year. How much I want to give back and devote my time to a cause I believe in. I never seem to carve out the time needed. This is something I can no longer have excuses for. If I have binged every series on Netflix I think I can find a few hours to support something is I care about.

24. buy and renovate a camper

If I had a camper I could have an instant vacation spot literally anywhere I would want. My dream is to vamp up an old pop up and make it super dreamy and whimsical. Facebook Marketplace will be the life of me. That + the fact I have an actual garage for once in my life.

25. make/ decorate a tiered cake

I want to make one of those geode cakes with the gold leaf and the rock candy. I don’t know for which occasion this will be needed but it’s going to be beautiful.

26. stay in an A frame cabin

When I was younger there was this Tom and Jerry movie I watched over and over again. Today I don’t really remember much about it, except there was a girl who was missing on a milk carton and she sang a song in an A frame cabin. Since then it just really intrigued me. I lust over all of the Air bnb cabins so often, I need this to be the year I stay in one for real.

27. sew clothing

Growing up my mom made a ton of my clothes for special occasions, and Halloween. I remember going to pick out fabric and patterns. I want to master this skill for myself as well as a future family.

28. change my posture

I have the absolute worst posture out of anyone I have ever known. If I am able to correct my posture, I feel like it could do wonders for my confidence and the way I carry myself.

29. get headshots

As much as I hate to admit this, 97% of the photos of me are so staged or stiff. I want to have photos that show who I truly am, walls broken down, but still beautiful. I love these shoots of women laughing and looking so beautiful being exactly who they are. Strong and powerful.

30. complete this list by January 25, 2021

If I were to complete this list by the time I reach 30 I would have such a sense of fulfillment. Here’s to the next 365 days.

Cheers to twenty-nine.

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